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Lookbook MELA par Mélanie LaplantePhotographe: Laurie Godin-RheaultStylisme: Marie-Ève VenneMUA/Coiffure: Sandrine MartineauModèle: Amélie PM 

Anonymous asked: Why are black men intimidated by strong black women? Not all but a few at least.


Fucking gender roles man. Society teaches us [men] that we have to take  the lead. We have to run shit and let our dicks swang like orangutans living in the rainforests of Borneo.

 And also think it comes down to personality too. Some women are just assholes. Yea they are strong women but the can be bit abrasive, and emasculating. 


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🎶 “Oh, Won’t you stay with me?
Cause you’re all I need!” 🎶



there seriously isn’t a conspiracy theory that i believe in. like. not one.

except the one about cures to different diseases like AIDS being held back because of all the profits being made on the drugs.

i’d love to believe with 100% the government isn’t trifling enough to fuck with people like that,

but the tuskegee experiment wasn’t that long ago, either.


my generation has so many new challenges that my parents generation didn’t have.

they don’t know how to guide us and we don’t have any direction.


every time someone asks for advice about their partner not giving them oral sex, i tell them to break up with them.

unless they are saving that mouf for marriage or for later….

i just don’t understand.

life is too short to not have a partner who can’t set that mouf out.

dump them. immediately.


ladies, you gotta stop sleeping on these 5’5 - 5’11 brothers.

in my experience, just because their two legs aren’t that long, doesn’t mean they don’t have a third one that isn’t…..

yall gotta stay woke. you missing out on daddy longstroke.